Edge-less, Film-less & Seam-less

The science behind our Ink Transfer technology is pretty simple; once activated, only the ink or image printed on the "carrier stock" is transferred to the substrate. There are several transfer formulations, each of them differentiated by performance requirements, activation method, and the substrate they are applied too.

TAG's Ink Transfers are an excellent and preferred alternative to screen printing and traditional labels. TAG Ink Transfers allow operators to apply perfectly registered, single or multi-colored graphics in seconds, only handle the part once, and they require NO capital equipment. Graphics can be applied to smooth or textured surfaces on flat, curved or cylindrical parts.

TAG's Ink Transfers are cost effective and a preferred method for product decorating. Not sure what Ink Transfers can do for you? Consider this; our Ink Transfer technology will:

  • Allow you to decorate powder coat, paint, plastics, anodized aluminum, stainless, wood, melamine, high pressure laminate, vinyl upholstery, composite, fiberglass, gel-coat, self skinning urethane, and more.
  • Provide you with application flexibility.
  • Deliver an ultra thin yet extremely durable graphic.
  • Top mount graphics or bury transfers under a clear coat.
  • Eliminate time consuming set-ups and production bottle necks.
  • Serve as an alternative solution to your screen printing operation or vendors — you can quickly apply ink-only graphics in-house, without having to purchase and install costly screen printing equipment that requires valuable floor space and a capital investment.
  • Eliminate screen printing limitations.
  • Enhance your image, halftones, gradations, color blends, opacity, registration and graphic performance.

What material would you like to decorate? TAG offers a variety of options to meet your visual and performance requirements.
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