Domer™ Decals

The Domer™ Decal family offers a unique way to enhance the graphic appeal of your product and call attention to your image or logo. The crystal-clear domed surface of the decal, and high print quality, will make your logo and images stand out. The Domer™ brand offers durability and customization that standard domed stickers cannot match.

Domer™ Decals are found on a variety of products across many industries and can be used on indoor or outdoor products. They are made to stand the test of time, holding up to extreme weather conditions, UV-rays, chemicals and everyday wear-and-tear.

Domer™ Decals are produced by screen printing or digital printing an image and then applying a clear, flexible polyurethane doming resin. This process guarantees durability and features superior print quality that enhances colors and allows for greater detail and high print resolution. There are various adhesives designed to bond to several substrates, including metal, paint, powder, plastic, composites, glass and other smooth or lightly textured surfaces, and even textiles.

There are several Domer™ Decal options:

  • White Substrate
  • Chrome Silver Substrate
  • Matte Silver Substrate
  • Brushed Silver Substrate
  • Clear Substrate
  • Embossed Domes
  • Curvable Domes
  • Bezel Domes
  • Cutouts and Windows
  • Double Domes
  • Floating Domes
  • Back-lit Domes
  • Electro Domes
  • Metal Dome
  • Open-Ended Domes
  • Scripted Doming
  • Textile Domes
  • Selective Doming
  • Domer™ on Rolls
  • Epoxy Domes