Want to add a third dimension to your next project? Thermoforming is an excellent process for creating a permanent 3-D shape to P.O.P (Point-of-Purchase) signs and displays, as well as O.E.M. parts, whether they feature graphics, solid colors or clear material.

The thermoforming process involves heating a plastic sheet or film so it becomes pliable. The softened material is draped over a mold conforming it to the desired shape. In seconds, the material is cooled and the shape becomes permanent. The molded part can be decorated with Direct Print, Labels or with the amazing DuraTAG Ink Transfer process.

If your design requires full graphic coverage, and/or images applied onto compound curves, the sheet or film can be pre-printed prior to thermoforming. When stretching or molding a plastic sheet, the thermoforming process distorts the plastic along with any image printed on the sheet. Our expertise, combined with software technology, allows us to calculate that distortion and we will pre-distort graphics so that they regain their normal appearance after being thermoformed.


Similar to thermoforming, TrapForming allows us to encapsulate an existing open-sided part with a protective film featuring your graphics. Products such as hardhats, carrying case shells and other similar open-sided parts are all options for our unique TrapForming process.

After printing your graphic on to a plastic film, the film is heated and formed around your part. During the process, the plastic film is overformed, stretched and wrapped around on the open-side creating a Trap-Form seal. Excess material is then trimmed off and what remains is a finished part encapsulated with a protective skin featuring your graphics. For more information and to learn if your part is a good match for the TrapForming process, please contact us.

Material: PETG, PVC, PCB plastic films.
Thickness: 0,020" to 0,060".
Printing: top and/or second surface.