Dry Transfers

DryTAG Transfers

Film-Free Ink Transfers

The DryTAG Transfer is a cross between our solution applied DuraTAG Ink Transfer and a traditional die cut PSA (pressure sensitive adhesive) label. The DryTAG is a dry application which incorporates screen printed inks and an adhesive that bonds to a variety of substrates including powder coat, paint, metal, plastics, glass, composites, fiberglass and more. The DryTAG is film-free (no vinyl or polyester film) and is available in an assortment of formulations to address your performance requirements, including UV, chemical and petroleum resistance. Adhesive selection is based on the substrate to be decorated.

If you need small copy and detail without the obvious block film background of a traditional sticker, DryTAG is an effective solution. With DryTAG, individual “Die Cut-Type” copy and detail can be printed smaller than what can normally be die cut using vinyl or polyester films. Therefore, you receive a thin PSA label without the thickness and minimum size restrictions associated with vinyl or polyester film.

The DryTAG cannot be peeled off the substrate like traditional PSA die cut decals. DryTAG can be top mounted or over coated with a clear coat to yield the best performance. With DryTAG, you can now apply a thin transfer with perfectly registered colors, clean halftones, smooth color blends and eye-popping details in just seconds, without the “bumper sticker” appearance.

What material would you like to decorate? TAG offers a variety of options to meet your visual and performance requirements.
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Click, print, complete and submit the Substrate Testing Form with your parts. An experienced technician will test your substrates and determine the best Ink Transfer technology for decorating your parts. Parts will be promptly tested, decorated and returned for your evaluation.