Whether functional or informative in nature, flat or three-dimensional, or strictly featuring a dynamic design, TAG’s graphic overlays and membrane switches always look and perform great. Examples include control panels for commercial or residential appliances, instrument panels for vehicles, decoration for handheld devices, warning decals for outdoor industrial equipment, exterior decorating on power sports vehicles, or front panel graphic for fitness equipment.

Graphic Overlays

TAG Technologies provides a wide variety of custom graphic overlays. Like all of our products, we utilize a vast array of quality materials to meet your performance specifications. Our design team has developed unique alternatives to enhance your graphic overlay appearance, function and performance. We will work with you to determine the proper material for your project in order to make your overlays look great and help you stay on budget. Our broad selection of materials, adhesives and design options will ensure that your graphic overlay is constructed to meet your specific application.

  • Material: Polycarbonate and Polyester. Complete range of LEXAN products
  • Finish: Gloss, Velvet, Polish, Brush, Spot Texture, etc.
  • High-precision embossing for buttons and raised details
  • Buttons available from 1 Million to 5 Million cycles
  • Die Cutting +/- 0.008" precision.
  • High-resolution printing: 100 LPI, 150 LPI for buttons
  • Digital Print available for low volume, prototypes, or photo graphic detail
  • Transparent, tinted or smoky windows
  • Complete range of adhesives, including 3M, that can be applied in specific areas, keeping buttons and windows adhesive-free