Nameplates & Plaques

Give your brand the luster and prestige it deserves with a dimensional nameplate or plaque from TAG Technologies. Our vast array of options provide boundless possibilities; combining embossing, diamond carving, textures, screen printing, etch and fill and formed nameplates and plaques.

Spice up your branding efforts with one of the many options listed below and start imagining the possibilities.

Embossed Nameplates

Embossing can be combined with virtually any type of nameplate, and adds three-dimensional character to even simple nameplates, with or without color. Embossed graphics are interesting to the touch and attractive to the eye.



Electroform nameplates feature a jewel-like appearance that cannot be obtained using any other manufacturing process. This elegant nameplate features graphics with fine detail, crisp edges and deep relief.


Diamond Carved

Diamond carving adds luster and texture to an embossed area. A flat square shoulder is achieved by using a spinning, diamond tipped industrial tool to carve away the top layer of ink and aluminum of an embossed surface. Such a finish is impossible using embossing alone. The carved texture or pattern on the embossed layer varies from a finely grooved surface that creates a subtle shimmer to coarse lines that create an obvious visual and tactile appeal to a finished component.



To add extra pizzazz and set your brand apart, factor a unique pattern or texture into your nameplate design. Textures can be incorporated in virtually any material to produce subtle or bold effects.


Etch & Fill Nameplate

As an alternative to embossing, etching is one of the most versatile nameplate decorating options. It can be used to create texture and dimension and has greater resistance to dents and wear since your graphic is etched directly into the base material. Etched nameplates may also be printed with one or more colors to emphasize your logo. All fabrication methods or attachment options are available, including rivets, tabs, adhesives, etc.



Want to brand a simple curved radius or something more challenging with a nameplate? We realize that not all branding applications or opportunities can be flat. Therefore, we can easily remedy this treatment by forming your nameplate to provide a perfect fit to the space and shape you have in mind.


Functional Nameplates

Some nameplates need more function than flare, those that do their job quietly and effectively, without all the bells and whistles. These humble nameplates may feature a danger warning for an operator, bar code, serial number, or carry a qualifying UL, CSA, AGA or FDA-tested or certified seal.


Injection or Compression Molded

Plastic Nameplates are one of the most durable and versatile options available. These nameplates can be decorated with a variety of methods including foil stamping, screen printing, plating, doming and more. A plastic nameplate can be molded to virtually any size and shape. Decorating options leave the limits of the final look to your imagination. Ink, plating and foil options include chrome, metallic, pearlescent, glitter and many more.


Nameplate Doming

Full or Selective Doming can be added to most Nameplates. For more information about our Domer™ Decal options, please Contact us or go to Dome Decals.