Water Transfers

AquaTAG Water-Slide Transfers (WST)

Edge-less, Film-less & Adhesive-less

The AquaTAG WST process is ideal for substrates that feature complex shapes and irregular surfaces. The transfer and bonding agent is activated by water. The printed image, which is encapsulated within a printed contour clear, is slid off the carrier paper and onto the product surface. AquaTAG transfers make it possible to adjust the placement of the image, even several minutes after the transfer has been completed. It is easy to slide the graphic around on the substrate until it is located in the correct position. For maximum durability, it is recommended that a clear coat be applied over the application.

MaxTAG Water Applied Ink Transfers

This remarkable Ink Transfer is applied with water and permanently bonds to a variety of substrates including powder coat, metals, composites, gel-coats, fiberglass, and is especially formulated to adhere to low surface energy plastics (such as polyolefins including HDPE, XLPE, LLDPE, LDPE and PP). The MaxTAG is formulated with optimum chemical resistance and is perfect for indoor or outdoor applications.

What material would you like to decorate? TAG offers a variety of options to meet your visual and performance requirements.
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