Mission Statement

TAG Technologies is committed to providing innovative branding solutions, decorating technologies, printed products and unsurpassed customer service to our clients. We work collaboratively with our customers to develop unique solutions that help companies enhance graphic performance and brand awareness, bringing their products, displays or other marketing efforts to the forefront of their audience.

TAG, for Branding Solutions, We're It!


TAG Technologies was founded in 2007 by Chris Dixon, who spent 20 successful years in the production, sales, marketing and R&D environments within the merchandising, manufacturing, screen printing, promotional products and sign industries.

"Necessity is the mother of invention." - Plato

In the years prior to establishing TAG, while visiting with numerous manufacturers throughout North America, many companies expressed a need for an organization that offered a full range of product decorating options. Considering today’s broad range of materials, shapes, budgets and graphic requirements, manufacturers were searching for a company that possessed the expertise and a full range of decorating technologies. This demand became the inspiration for the creation of TAG. Although TAG first focused on providing decorating options to sporting goods and display manufacturers; it quickly became obvious there was a growing demand for its products and services in other industries.

Before long, TAG Technologies was supplying innovative decorating options to several OEM markets and customers that produce and/or sell products throughout North America, Asia and Europe.

Today, TAG is rapidly becoming known for its full range of unique ink transfer technology, screen printed products, commercial printing, digital output and promotional products. Many of TAG’s products extend beyond the normal boundaries of the print world, meeting the growing demands of customers who want to differentiate their products and marketing efforts through innovative print technologies.